What is your resting facial expression?

resting bitchy face

What is your resting facial expression?

Stylist magazine recently brought to my attention a syndrome called Bitchy Resting Face (BRF) which “is basically an expression (or rather a non-expression), that makes people think you’re in a bad mood, when actually you’re not. In fact, you’re probably not thinking about a lot, to be honest.”

There’s even a spoof public service announcement about the condition on YouTube which has gone viral.

In my practice as a cosmetic acupuncture specialist, I help many people with the effects of ageing. The two most common issues are loss of tone and fine lines and wrinkles and cosmetic facial acupuncture can be of great benefit for that. Undoubtedly though, despite both being less desirable, frown lines (especially furrows) can make a person look sterner than just less plump cheeks.

Many of my clients don’t realize that they frown and for some, it really is their default setting while they’re reading, listening to music or having a conversation. It doesn’t reflect in any way what they are thinking or how they are feeling.

Like many things, I believe it is all about awareness. For myself, I try to either have a neutral or “happy” face because I don’t want unnecessarily premature lines and I believe in the yin-yang of “feel better, look better” and “look better, feel better”.

All I can say is that besides being a great accessory to an outfit, a smile lifts your face and your mood, so make that your default setting.

Read more from me, Ka Hang Leoungk, and the article in Stylist: Do You Have Bitchy Resting Face?

Image Flickr, Tomi Tapio K via The Happy Acupuncturist.

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